About Me

I am an independent photojournalist from Brussels, Belgium and currently living in Paris, France. I attended The University of Texas at Austin (US) studying Journalism and Global Studies and I received my Master’s in Public Policy and Human Development from the United Nations University in the Netherlands in 2016.

At the age of 12, I picked up a camera and started taking photographs. I was drawn to study photojournalism because of my curiosity for others, cultures, and places and my desire to tell human stories through the art of photography.

My work has been published nationally and internationally in USA Today, ABC News, The Michigan Daily, The Telegraph, CTV News, the Houston Chronicle, The Alcade, etc. I have covered a variety of topics while working for the university’s newspaper – The Daily Texan – as a Senior Photographer and an Associate Multimedia Editor. I had the privilege to study under award-winning photojournalists like Eli Reed (Magnum Photos) and Donna DeCesare. Since then, I have geared my career towards a combination of my creative skills and my interest for social development.

Photojournalism can become a catalyst for change when done in a compassionate and ethical way. It has pushed me to look beyond my viewfinder and step in front of the camera. Now, I am working in the global policy field while carrying my camera with me.

When I am not shooting, you can probably find me playing some capoeira or making stuff out of clay in a ceramics studio. Follow me on Instagram for daily photo updates.

“To take photographs means […] putting one’s head, one’s eye and one’s heart on the same axis.”  Henri Cartier-Bresson


NB: This blog is named after my favorite author John Fante’s 1952 novel

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